Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The excitement is brewing

I don't know if you realized this, but Stockton cant spend its money right.  Shocking, yes.  But I cannot take the credit for breaking this.  I have to credit Fitzy, wait, Siders, wait, was it Fitzy?  


Writes vague synopsis of data table from CalPers showing employees making over 100k per year.  Tells us people from Stockton are on list (shock!).

Siders does more than just give a link with vague references.  He gives names, monthly totals, and annual earnings from these pension plans in a nice table.  Lets us know how many Stockton employees currently make up that list. 

Fitzy now goes in depth with some hard news an e-mail someone sent him saying his interest had been piqued by the previous vague blog post.  So in doing research, John Beckman, CEO of the Building Industry Association of the Delta is the one who breaks down his findings.

There were three posts in the matter of hours, two offered a little more information, and one is, well, I don't know.  I can appreciate the columnist trying to break news.  Honestly you should get a gold star for this, you really should.  You did some digging I guess, although I still am curious how you magically happened to be looking in the Bay Area businesses for sale and came up with that.  You used your contact, did some digging, left a message, and got a response.  You know, actual journalism, instead of this mess in my Sunday paper that hurt my head.  But if you want to stick with it, then go all the way through with it.  I shouldn't be reading about Stockton and Anaheim having similar numbers of 100k employees on the payroll from a guy whose not involved.  And no, printing his e-mail doesn't count.  You should be the one working those numbers to give actual analysis.  

I know its a rush to see who might be better, or who might break it first.  And I'll assume that the news came across the newsroom in a similar fashion.  But its ok to take your time and make it look professional when posting it, instead of just being the first to post it.

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