Saturday, May 23, 2009

That big announcement thing

Sorry we disapeared the last couple of days. We've been having internet problems. But hey, I promised a big announcement, so here it is.

For various reasons (mostly boring technical shit), we're swtiching over to Wordpress. It's still a move in progress but I've imported all of these posts over to so go check it out. The template is different and not as customizable as Blogger is, but in general my short experience with Wordpress has been better than with Blogger which can be annoying at times to say the least.

So consider this the soft launch of our move. As you can see not all the posts on here on on Wordpress (including this post), all of Bris Isaak's posts say they're authored by me because he hasn't accepted the author invite yet. and I personally think the wording is too small. But let us know what you think while we work out the kinks. We'll probably post both here and there for about a week before completely abandoning this site for the new one. So update your bookmarks.

Also, to make up for our sudden absence, we'll be covering tonight's Hula Pub Crawl live. How? Via our new Twitter. You can follow us on Twitter and our updates will show up on the sidebar of the WordPress site too.

Now, I gotta go pre-game.

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