Thursday, July 24, 2008

OMG!!111!11! Gas that's 10 cents cheaper!

I would say it's a slow news week but considering the Stockton "Please for the love of God someone buy our naming rights" Arena is hosting probably the best card of fights Stockton's ever seen this weekend, I'd be wrong. Come on Record, you guys eat up the local gone famous angle. You've been fellating Chris Issak for years with that angle. Jake Shields deserves better than a bottom fold Sports page puff piece. Come on, this shit is being nationally televised on CBS. In freaking primetime! When was the last time SJ County was featured on a major network that didn't involve the words "terrorist trial" or "foreclosure"?

But instead, let's be amazed at gas that's 1 cent below $4. The fucking lede of story is that a guy saved 50 cents on gas. Congrats, you can afford that candy bar now. I know gas prices are bad, but the "look how low the gas prices are!" story should be saved for at least sub-$2 gas. And even that seems kinda high. But only 10 cents cheaper than other gas stations in Stockton? Weaksauce. Not to mention that in the story the owner states that he's selling the gas for cost, which was immediately followed by a 10 cent price drop today. I guess cost drops quickly.

More on MMA later.

Update: Guess what finally got some prominent attention today? Way to wait until the last second.

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