Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We kid because we love

Oh the beautiful Stockton "Your name here, please for the love of God we need the money" Arena

Hey, we're just starting out. So forgive us if this is a little janky for a few weeks. We're on a skeleton crew for a while. (Interested in writing about our beloved local area for no pay? e-mail us ) Plus my the gerbil powering my computer died a couple weeks ago.

I love Stockton. In fact, let me say it again. I love Stockton. I make a big deal out of this not because the city's paying me to (although if they'd like, they can) but because if we stick with the intent of this blog, people are going to be under the impression that we hate this town. We don't, we criticize because we love. We also criticize because we think The Record does a shitty job at it. Granted The Record does a lot of things shittily (like say, the entire sports section), criticizing city leaders is just one of the things they excel at sucking at.

But we'll have plenty of time to bash The Record later. Trust me, until we get an actual core group of writers, this site will mostly be bashing The Record. Plus we'll also be relying on you. That's right, this site's going to depend on you guys, the eventual readers. We need you to go out there and find the ridiculous stuff that you can really only find around here. Whether it be a firsthand account of a shooting at a bank, overhearing a minor league executive disparage Latinos through hilarious stereotypes, or if you just want to tell us about that random sculpture at the McCaffrey Center at UOP that suspiciously resembles a vagina, we want to see it. (all that stuff, not just the vagina statue.) Not just Stockton stuff either. If it happens anywhere in San Joaquin County, we want it. We might even include Modesto, but no Galt.

Again, don't take these jokes at the expense of our city as a sign of hatred. I've been in way too many fights arguments discussions with people who tell me that if I don't like it (it being Stockton), then I can leave it. These people are usually Thunder fans, Lightening fans, or Cougar fans. (Oh wait, I forgot, there aren't any Cougar fans, the city told them and the prime attendance dates to fuck off) I always disagree with them, mostly because the only time I see any fans of our minor league endeavors is at Valley Brew. And I'm a surly, disagreeable bastard when I'm drunk.

I also disagree because I'm right. I'd detail why I'm right, but that's the point of this blog. There's some weird, fucked up shit that goes on around this place. If we leave it up to city leaders to figure it out, they'll just set up a neighborhood renaissance program in the neighborhood where all the white people are to figure out what's wrong.

Now, I'm not saying we'll figure it out ourselves. That's way too douchy of a claim to make. Instead we'll just poke fun at the place we lovingly call home. So fuck you Sacramento, at least we managed to not give two freeways the same freeway number.

There'll be a lot more in the coming weeks. I apologize if this makes no sense. I'm knocking the rust off.

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