Thursday, July 17, 2008

Welcome to Titletown

It's been a slow week. It hasn't been hot enough to warrant another filler story on the front page of The Record. I haven't even bothered to see what Fitzy wrote this week because I'm still blown away by the notion that Stockton Police has long tamed the wild west that is downtown. (Of course as soon as I typed this I meandered on over to The Record's site and saw his column about regional tourism. Looks like I have more to write about.)

Today, finally something of note happens. We won another title. San Joaquin County has the worst dropout rate of any decently sized county.

Yes, I know I had to use the qualifier of "decently sized", but hear me out. SJC as a whole ranks 4th worst, with almost 137,000 students living within the county. The 3 county's worse than us have a measly 17,000. We could lose 100,000 students, (and with a 36% dropout rate, that's a possibility) and we'd still have twice the students those podunk counties have. Therefore, they don't count.

On top of all that, Stockton (Hey, I live there) Unified School District had a 54% dropout rate. Which is more than twice the statewide average. (24.2)

It may not be violent crimes, but it does feel nice to have that gold back around the wait, doesn't it?

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