Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shocking News! Feds make promise they don't intend on keeping!

I think we've finally ironed out our computer problems. No more posting from a friend's house for us! This place should finally get its legs under it soon. Promise.

Anybody who's spent more that a week in Stockton has more than likely gotten thirsty without a water bottle nearby. You try and hold on. "Maybe this beer will help quench my thirst," you say. And while delicious, you realize that since you've spent more than a day in San Joaquin County and have been drinking since the moment you got here. Mostly because drinking is the only real thing to do around these parts. (Hey, you try and find something entertaining to do in Tracy. I guarantee you end up at The Great Plate.)

So we've set the scene, your body is screaming at you to put something non-alcoholic in it. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Tap water. You go to the sink and hope for the best. Unfortunately something resembling Mountain Dew comes out. Only nowhere near as delicious.

Yeah, the water sucks. But isn't relief on the way? I'm sure our city leaders are aware of this. I mean, they have to live in the city to lead it. Surely they know the condition of the city water. So what's your plan city?

Ask the federal government to extend our rights to to dam water from a dam that's 35 years behind schedule.

Ummmm, it might be time to move on. But you stick with that plan guys. I'm going to try and find a way to divert water from the underground wells in Morada. Race ya!

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