Monday, April 6, 2009

About that suitcase...

So yeah, if you haven't heard by now, they found a "suspicious container" in some irrigation pond in rural Tracy. One they've search previously. They found it around noonish and may or may not have gotten around to opening it. Considering the amount of cops and evidence people in the area (not to mention a coroner), there's a pretty decent chance they found her body in there. Although I wouldn't put it past them to have wasted all this time gathering evidence only to find out it has Walter's undies in there (the whites!). Press conference is in 10 mins. So I guess we'll know soon.

Oh, and the Tracy Press site is predictably down. And Recordnet is running at a snail's pace. Gotta love the way papers embraced the internet. Mike Klocke must be freakign out since it's about a half hour past deadline. Someone let us know if he yelled "Stop the Presses!" before realizing how much that costs.

9 PM update: Yeah, it was her. Tracy's Police Chief just confirmed it.

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