Friday, April 3, 2009

Our newest feature the Out-of-Context Line of the Week

Throughout the week while reading the Record I see quotes and sentences that, out of context are either randomly hilarious or just completly and totally wrong. So we've decided to finally start writing them down and feature the best one at the end of the week in a new feature we call:

Out-of-Context Line of the Week!

It's a catchy name, we know. We actually had this idea a few weeks ago but just now found the perfect out of context sentence to kick it off. You can probably guess what it is. We've featured the guy who typed it a lot this week. Well, more than usual. But anyway, here it is, in all it's hilarious glory....

The one thing that interest me was the hermaphrodite.
-Mike Fitzgerald (from his March 31st blog entry)

Wow, Fitzy's just cleaning up the accolades this week. Congrats!

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