Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm embarrassed just covering this.

Ok, this is just getting fucking ridiculous. I understand jack and shit went on yesterday but did we really need the front and back pages of the A section dedicated to a memorial service for a girl that up until 3 weeks ago 99% of the people that attended didn't know or care about? Do we really need a video of it?

Couldn't the resources dedicated to this be better used elsewhere? The Record's all too eager to use the AP for everything else (including the last time Tracy made national headlines in the Teen Slave case) but when it comes to a little dead girl who captured the hearts of weepy soccer moms it warrants 2 original stories a motherfucking day?

Everybody, and I truly do mean everybody, involved in the coverage of this story should be fucking embarrassed. This is why newspapers are dying. It's not the internet that's killing papers it's the blatant misuse (or underutilization) of the internet by those newspapers. Instead of chasing meaningful stories that will actually matter 2 weeks from now, the Record sends multiple members of their already thinned out newsroom (especially thinned out when you take into account the couple of folks on vacation this week) to shoot videos, take way too many pictures, and get quotes like:

"My daughter liked to skip too."


"It was wrong to kill a little girl like that."

Fuck. That is some God damned hard-hitting journalism right there. Who would have thought that two girls of a similar age would have something like skipping in common!? Or that murder is wrong!?

Of course amongst all of this shit about some little girl we've only "known" for 2 weeks being "Tracy's Angel" is an ill-timed article about Huckaby's defense attorney wanting Cantu's body exhumed so they can get their own definition of what genital trauma is. Fucking classy.

Almost as classy as Twittering a fucking funeral, which I'm pretty sure is a sign of the apocalypse. (Looks out window) Yep, that's the Four Horsemen. Nice knowing everybody.

I'm all for using the internet to it's fullest potential, but live blogging a fucking memorial service? Really? Is tact dead too? I'm not saying the memorial service didn't warrant coverage but, you know, I don't need up to the second updates on it. I can wait. Nothing says "tasteful" quite like texting updates on people's emotional suffering during the memorial service.

Like I said, fucking embarrassing.

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