Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Delta College Board of Trustes apparently run by Captain Obvious

A couple weeks ago I tore apart Delta College (not literally, although I understand if you think so by looking at the place.) for mismanagement of voter approved bond money.

It continues to baffle me how the Delta trustees could be so short sighted to not realize that contruction estimates are notoriously lowballed all the fucking time (just ask city leaders about the Arena's estimate). Not to mention that their dedication to buiding the campus in Mountain House was borderline stalkerish. To be honest, I've lived here my entire life and I'd never even heard of Mountain House until Delta decided to buy up a plot of land there for the Mountain House campus.

Whenever voter approved dollars are misused, we of course have to waste more tax dollars to find out who fucked up. And the San Joaquin County civil grand jury found that the Delta College trustees "made decisions which have caused serious problems and wasted millions of dollars in Measure L funds." Pretty much echoing what anybody who's been paying attention knew.

What did those of us paying attention know? The grand jury put it best, "The district needs capable trustees who are able to meet the task of bringing Delta College into the 21st century." Ouch. Take that Anthony Bugarin.

But that's all old news. That grand jury report isn't anything knew. What is new is that the trustees themselves finally admitted that they know they fucked up big time too, making them the last people in the entire county to find out that they're shitty at their jobs. Better late than never I guess.

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