Friday, August 22, 2008

Weekend Shit To Do for 8/22-8/24

Hey look, another new feature. Here's the shit happened in Stockton this weekend that caught our eyes.

Tonight on the WPC Lawn at UOP at 8pm they're showing Animal House and Old School for move-in weekend if that's your sort of thing. The Lair should be open by then, somebody let us know if the rumored 3-drink maximum is true. If so, they get the scarlett letter of shitty bars. I'm guessing it's free.

Flava Flav's Block Party is coming to Modesto on Saturday.
I said "caught our eyes", not "will be good" $20

I haven't heard of any of the bands playing The Matinee Saturday at 9, but El Duke tells me it's an awesome venue. The bands allegedly play in front of one of the old Stockton Royal movie screens. So, you know, be high. $10

Boomsnake will be at the Blackwater on Sunday at 7pm. If you're into ex-members of Say Anything. El Duke made me put this one because he knows somebody named Jan Fisco and there's a Jan Fisco listed as a supporting act. Plus Boomsnake is a kinda cool name. $8

By the way, kudos to 209Vibe for a quality website. I've never been much for supporting music just because it's local, that's more El Duke's thing. So good job Ian Hill, welcome ot the short list of Record writers I respect.

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