Thursday, August 14, 2008

Finally, something that makes sense

Oh hey, I'm El Duke. Let's get a proper introduction out of the way, shall we? I was born in Oakland but moved to Stockton when I was 1 or so. I run Las Vegas Kings, a sports blog that leans towards mostly basketball. I used to appear in print in the San Joaquin Delta Impact (now known as The Collegian). I'd link to my specific articles and columns, but if I remember correctly they weren't all that good. (Unlike this stuff) I'll eventually be doing a podcast focusing on local bands and probably a few of those minor league athletes. If you want to be featured e-mail me.

One of my favorite memories from when I was a kid was going to see Kings preseason games at the Spanos Center with my dad. Sure they sucked back then, but I was around 10 then, I didn't know better. I never understood why they stopped coming to Stockton. When the Arena opened, I was excited that our modestly sized arena would help draw the Kings and other big acts to Stockton.

Well, it didn't. (God that bitch sucked at her job) In fact, after the attendance figures from the EliteXC show were released, I'd be surprised if even Miley Cyrus came back. Let's face it, in today's economy (especially here in Stockton), we can't afford the Arena. $700 for ringside seats to the EliteXC show? Are you kidding me? I feel blessed when my bank account has a quarter of that in my account. With the Kings being a decidedly bigger deal than EliteXC, I knew my hopes for highish quality basketball in my hometown were dashed. Seriously, we have a minor league team for every fucking sport BUT basketball. What gives? We can't pull an ABA team? The Modesto Bearcats (hand-to-God I'm 40% sure they exist) might move here if we offer them a grilled cheese sandwich every game.

Oh wait! UOP has a basketball arena too doesn't it? That's right, on Oct. 2oth the Kings return to the place I learned to love basketball (from them!), the Alex Spanos Center. I'd link to the Record's article on it, but their online version just says to read the paper the next day. Thanks for the information fuckasses. Coach Reginald Theus himself is said to be making an appearance at UOP on Aug. 20th when tickets go on sale. I'll probably be there even though I won't be able to afford tickets to go until a week or so before the game. Considering at Arco the Kings only average about half capacity for games that matter, I don't think it should be too big of a problem.

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