Friday, August 15, 2008

That bond measure was an assload of help

I've lived my entire life in Stockton. Since I've spent a portion of my post high school years here, there's a 115% chance I went to Delta for at least semester. One of my biggest beefs during my time in the 13th grade was the parking situation. Anybody who went to Delta knows what I'm talking about. If you get there anytime after 7, you're parking in west bumfuck nowhere (Also known as Shima 2). Being, you know, a college student, I didn't even wake up until 7. And I was one of the early birds. All of this is before we even begin to discuss trying to leave Delta immediatly after class. One time I was happy I was able to get out of there under a half hour. In short, Delta's fucked up.

I've since stopped attending "High School: The Sequel". Probably the smartest thing I ever did. One of the big things that went down before I left was the passing of venerable bond Measure L. At the time all of my teachers were telling their classes how awesome this bill would make the school and how it would help out the Tracy students with that awesome Mountain House campus. Even though the "School of Lost Potential" is right on the other side of the Altamont.

Needless to say, that hasn't been the case. The Mountain House campus remains one of the most controversial items in Delta Trustee meetings. The only (completed) visible results of the bond measure have been the fancy new electric signs on both the Pershing and Pacific entrances to the campus. Oh, and those flat screen TVs they put up in Danner Hall that are toooootally helpful and needed. And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, they completly fucked up the parking situation even more.

For Delta's 20,000 students, there's normally 5,000 parking spaces. So they do the logical thing, knock out 1,000 of those spots, lowering the total to 4,000. With 5 times as many students as parking spots, Delta must be working towards some sort of solution. The parking situation was hairy before they knocked out a thousand spots and fucked up access to two more parking lots. So obviously they're building a parking garage or something to alleviate the problem once and for all.

Oh wait. They're building a fucking soccer field? Are you serious? They're permamently killing a parking lot to promote the most useless of activities that is JuCo sports? Where the fuck do they expect students to park? What's that? They spent how much on renting out spaces at Weberstown? 10 fucking grand? They were parking there anyways, for fucking free! Why rent out spaces that were already being used? To make sure they were available? A bulk of Delta's students are doneski by noon. Go to the mall at noon, it's a god damned ghost town. I'm pretty sure the spaces will be there.

Thanks for wasting my money Delta. Your mismanagement of funds has resulted in making the entire area sour towards the idea of ever letting you jackasses even utter the words "bond measure" again. And guess who's stuck paying off this fuck up of a bond measure? Me and my kids. Thanks assholes.

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