Thursday, August 21, 2008

ZOMG! Sports news people actually care about. Give that man a sidebar!

I was planning on going to the press conference the Kings had at UOP yesterday, but in true Record fashion they buried the time and location of Coach Theus' appearance in the Local Roundup section of the completly useless Sports page. I wouldn't have been able to make it anyways since I had to work at the time. But I wonder what went on there...

Holy Schnikes! An actual article about the Kings written by a Record writer? (With the exact headline I would have come up with too) Jason Anderson isn't just a pseudonym for Sam Amick right? The Record actually decided to cover a team people actually care about? I mean sure, nothing that we didn't know already was in the article. (Did you know the Kings are in the middle of a youth movement?) But hey, this is a step towards them, you know, actually covering the game when they come to they Spanos Center.

Original reporting about the closest professional sports team (minor leagues don't count. Or in the case of the Lightening, minor league teams of minor leagues.) resulted in me actually reading part of the Record's Sports page for the first time in a long fucking while. Original articles, what a novel concept.

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