Friday, August 8, 2008

Guess I'm not visiting the Arena any time soon.

When I went to the EliteXC fights a couple weeks ago, I noted that the Arena concession staff didn't exactly look or act like the sharpest penises (peni?) in the vagina. Well, today it came out in the Record that they in fact aren't. But neither is the ABC.

Yesterday the Dept. Of Alcoholic Beverage Control suspended the Stockton Arena's ability to sell alcoholic beverages for the next 15 days. Which would be a harsh punishment if the Arena was used more than twice a month. (Of course that hopefully will change now that IFG's GM has been canned.) (Fantastic move by the way, just 8000 years too late.)

When did the alcoholic indiscretion happen? At the Gwen Stefani concert. You don't remember when Gwen Stefani came to the Arena? Yeah, I almost forgot about it too because it was almost a fucking year ago.

Why did it take so long? Because the Arena and the ABC were discussing a settlement that included negotiating when the suspension would start.

So on the day before Thanksgiving in Lodi, the ABC and Lodi Police will have officers posted up in front of every downtown bar to make sure people are getting carded and that the bars stay at least 10 people below capacity, and not hesitate to shut them down as soon as one person drunkenly shoves another person (*cough*MOJO'S*cough*). And the Stockton Arena gets to negotiate when it's suspension dates are so as not to affect their alcohol sales AT ALL?

Fucking bullshit.

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