Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shit to do for the Labor Day weekend

We're throwing out an early shit to do this weekend because I'm actually doing shit this weekend so I won't be here to do it. El Duke should be here to take care of you Friday and if anything of note happens during the 3-day weekend. That is, if he's sober enough to operate a keyboard.

Thursday 8/28
Novacain will be at the Blackwater at 7 with Yellow Dot Project. If you haven't seen Novacain we highly suggest them. The listing on the 209Vibe website called this "Noise Pop", I'd say that's accurate. Plus Middagh rocks. $5

If you'd rather go the hardcore drinking route, today is sadly the last Thirsty Thursday of the year. Dollar beers and Ports v. Jethawks. Gates open at 6:05. Tickets start at $5.

Friday 8/29
Ocean Evaporate, Solidify, Quick 50, and In The Abscence are playing at BWDW Fats Grill and Bar starting at 9. Fats is always a fun place for shows when the Latin Magic Band isn't there. (Sorry, we're not fans of that band, and they seem to play there every other fucking day.) $5

Saturday 8/30
The Pubcrawl returns this night and is another great route to go for the drinker in all of us. It starts at 5pm and is all over downtown, including a Ports game and probably the event listed below. $35

Minor Dischord is playing at Bradley's at 9pm if you don't feel like paying $35 for Crawler status. Free.

Sunday 8/31
Carcrashlander, French Cassetes, and Alexis Gideon play the Blackwater at 7. This is pretty much the only thing going on Sunday. Unless of course you plan on getting shitfaced on Sunday night because you don't have to work Monday.

Monday 9/1
Go outside, it's Labor Day. Nothing of note is listed on the 209Vibe website. If Duke finds anything he'll update this over the weekend.

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