Thursday, August 28, 2008

San Joaquin Delta College, Consult it!

I'm outskis after this. See you guys next week. Hope Duke doesn't get too sentimental with tomorrows BWDW Special Edition
This Delta College shit will not go away. This week the venerable Delta Board of Trustees approved handing a quarter of a million dollars to a consultant to tell them how to spend their bond money. Kathy Roach is said consultant and her job is to fix a mess that the college has blamed on past consultants. In other words, they hired a consultant to consult them on how to fix problems caused by a consultant.

Not too bad so far right? Except for that part near the end of the article where they pay the consulting firm that fucked up twice as much for only 6 months work. Can we get some one to consult the consultant on how to consult the Trustees on paying the consultants?

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