Friday, August 22, 2008

Quick Links for Friday 8/22

The Record yesterday was full of hilarious/useless nuggets. Here's some of that in some quick links.

Guess who's back? The Record continues it's love affair with Steve Pinkerton. After redeveloping Stockton into only the second most dangerous city in California (and only second in misery too!), he moved on after a job well done to take the same job in Manteca of all places. His idea to redevelop Manteca? Revitalize their downtown area. Why does that sound familiar?

Congressman Jerry McNerney likes hats. He wears them all the time. He has a collection that boasts more than 20 hats. He visited a Stockton hat store and was given a couple. Do you care? Yeah, neither do I. I wonder if they can give me some free advertisement for this place.

I wasn't kidding earlier today when I said they tore down Ye Olde Hoosier Inn to make way for a bigger KFC. Fucking ridiculous.

Wal-Mart shows it's ugly head in Lodi again.
Does Lodi really need a Super Wal-Mart? What are they going to do with the empty shell of the old Wal-Mart? Have it go through 2 incarnations of a furniture store after sitting vacant for years then finally split the building in two and make it two furniture stores?

DUI checkpoints on Labor Day weekend? Good thing the Record told us. The cops never increase patrols during weekends built around drinking.

The mind droppings of Fitzy himself. His blog on the Record's site is borderline useless like the rest of the Record's website. Although his post yesterday from some stooge asking him if the CA budget impasse is in violation of the state constitution is pretty funny. If only for the shot at Fitzy's ego. (Which he acknowledges)

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