Monday, August 4, 2008

Quick Links while we take a sick day (or 5)

Those pesky computer issues are back, plus I've been sick. So now that we got excuses out of the way, here's some links local stories with allegedly clever remarks. We'll try and roll something better out later this week. Until then, my head hurts too much.

-Downtown's big problem? Parking! But I could have sworn that we weren't going down there enough. More expert planning by our city leaders. Gotta love the foresight.

-EliteXC: Unfinished Busniess wasn't a sellout. First reported here! What wasn't reported here but was something I had an inkling about while waiting in line was less than half the people who attended paid to do so. I was one of the unfortunate suckers who actually plopped down money for the event. EliteXC doesn't seem too worried about it. Stockton didn't exactly do the best job promoting the card. And no, a truck driving a billboard around does not count as advertising. Especially when the only times I saw it was at the intersection of March and Pacific. I saw that thing parked at the mall(s) more than I saw it mobile. Granted, you don't see mobile billboards much when you're holed up in your mother's basement.

-Looks like the Asparatus Festival is staying downtown. Which is kind of sad because I always preferred it being at Oak Park. Mostly because at Oak Park it wasn't such a fucking maze. Oh well. How many more days until Chestnut defends the title?

-... Shit, that's all we got. Appreciate the shortwinded posts while you get them. Once I feel better and actually read the Record, instead of just skimming the horrendously unnavigatable, we'll post something more substantial. If you got any ideas, own editorials, or happen to be a local band who wants to be featured on the eventual podcasts (oh yeah, PODCASTS!), drop us a line a My inbox is lonely.

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