Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The day we stop asking for Fitzy to hang it up we should hang it up

Yeah, we're slacking today. I was just gonna take today off but what can I say, I got inspired. What inspired me to phone in this post? This sentence from Fitzy's blog about the justification for spending $7 million on jail redesigns:
"...the day I stop asking for the justification of $7 million expenditures I should hang it up."

Yes, just the thought of Fitzy finally hanging up his pen is enough to bring me out of my "Fuck, it's only Wednesday?" slump. Why he needed the justification is beyond me. Use the old blueprints? They're 30 fucking years old. Do you realize how much basic shit that we take for granted in our every day lives has come around in the past 30 years? They'd need new blueprints for building code changes alone! Of course, Fitzy can't be bothered to know that shit. He has people he pays to do that shit for him. And the great disconnect between a city and it's metro columnist continues.

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