Sunday, January 25, 2009

Guess who decided to join the fray

Ok, I want, for just a minute, you to consider how much you use a computer in your daily life.   Think.  So when your computer crashes (Thanks Microsoft, you truly suck my ass), you're left out in the cold wondering where life is taking you.  

On a positive note, I won my Big Money fantasy football league via text message, a league I was in with a bunch of cops.  So maybe the city should decide to approve that raise PD is crying about.  Douchebags.  Thats what you get when money is involved with a Jew.  When it comes to cash, we will destroy every scenario possible to get it.  

So in honor of having a computer again, I decided what better way to re-join the ranks of the informed than with a tribute to Bob Highfill column!  

-Did you know the Steelers are in the Superbowl?

-Did you know that the Cardinals are playing in the Superbowl for the first time?

-College football needs a playoff.

-Water is wet.

-Thunder....I got nothing.

-Barry Obama is President.

-The United States has 50 states.

-49er fans suck.  Being at a Steelers bar to enjoy a conference championship game was awesome.  Except for the Raider fans disguised as 49er fans who tried to fight everyone.  
  Checklist for new era 49er fan:
  -no job
  -pregnant 15 year old girlfriend
  -infatuation with Alex Smith
  -Jeff Garcia Shirtless Poster
  -knives taped to every extremity on body except the one too small to support weapon
  -fight mom for daring to call Alex Smith bust
  -fight post man for calling Alex Smith bust
  -fight priest for calling Alex Smith bust
As you can tell, the close proximity in the bay has bled over and the lines between Niner fans and Raider fans are just colors now.

-Lincolns basketball team is good, St. Mary's is not.

-The Records website is easy to use.

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