Friday, January 9, 2009

Shit to do for the weekend of Jan. 9th-11th plus a bonus desperate plea for my sanity!

Before we get to the Shit To Do, I gotta extend my own special "Fuck you in a fresh knife wound" to the Record for killing 209Vibe. Tracking down shows for this post took fucking forever. Everybody's ceased posting shows on even though the 209Vibe MySpace indicates the recently fauxhawked Ian Hill is working to keep at least the website alive. They're not going to keep it if everybody drops it like a bad habit. They're still posting content (remember that kickass blog link from the Quick Links? Where else can you see a Record writer tell a local reality show star participant "fuck you?" Where was this during Queen Emily's reign of terror?) so visit that bitch so I can in turn use the events calendar and not spend forever hunting down fucking shows.

Sexy Friday 1/9

Honestly, I have no idea what's going on tonight. I personally plan on drinking myself silly, but what else is new? Fats usually has a band on Fridays and Saturdays. So go there or something. According to Ian Hill's cut-and-paste job final local music column PushPushPull and the Great Giveaway are playing at Eureka Coffee in Lathrop at 8pm. TBA cover though.

Saturday 1/10

Oh hey look! Shows! Brassai, Operocia (former Ocean Evaporate), and The Box Opera are playing the Blackwater at 7:30. $5 Brassai is pretty bad ass, but nothing compared to...

Filbert, Descolada, Gregory Michael and Alitak playing a free show at Empresso Coffee also at 7;30. Considering I've told Mike of Alitak I'll go to his show the past 4 shows only to be to lazy to go when the time came, I'll probably go to this. I'll be the one heckling them for playing at a place that doesn't serve beer. FREE

Sunday 1/11

Fuck, Slick stole my thunder. Spend your day watching football then head on down to the Civic Auditorium and get dumb. That's right E-40 makes his triumphant return to Stockton. Well, as triumphant as a show that's received absolutely no advertising can be. Wasn't this hyphy thing supposed to be a huge movement? Don't let Mac Dre's death be in vain! I've been a big 40 fan ever since I heard him busting rhymes on the Too Short classic "Just Like Dope", which is quite possibly the truest song of all time. Either way, it should be a fairly entertaining show. 7:30 $30-$40

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