Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Quick Correction

UPDATE: Ok, so I'm pretty sure I've figured this out. After an e-mail (thanks BTW) and a bit of research (well, Wikipedia) we've discovered that Kay Ryan, the woman Fitzy was referring to, is something called the Poet Laureate of the United States. Who's job apparently is to promote the poetry medium. Which is a job we don't envy at all.

Elizabeth Alexander is the human fire alarm and apparently a well respected poet. As you can probably tell from the copious amounts of swearing on this site, we're very well read. God I feel like a dumb shit.

In the Quick Links today I assumed that the poet laureate Fitzy was referring to was the lady who immediately followed Obama's speech. But after skimming today's USA Today I realized it was a completely different person...I think.

The lady, who's name I can't immediately remember (furthering our dedication to research that results in posts like this), was born in New York, not San Jose. So the broad that drove people away as if she were a living fire alarm probably isn't the person Fitzy is talking about. Although to be fair he cited a blog (which, we know we are, but people shouldn't solely cite blogs. Blogs are guidelines, not hard news), and I'm citing USA Today. Granted that's not much better, but whatever.

Honestly we're just shocked somebody thought 2 poets in one ceremony was a good idea. That shit took forfuckingever. That's why I assumed it was the same person, because why the fuck would they book more shit after the speech that everyone came to see?

Either way, sorry for making assumptions. Unless we end up being right and Fitzy wrong. Then we'll laugh for about a year.

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