Monday, January 26, 2009

If you owe the Library money, they will get you

Did you know Stockton still has libraries?  Apparently, the city does, and they are coming to get you.  The Library wants its money and it wants it now.  

Dealing with the rash of budget cuts, the Library is dealing with a $1 million shortfall and unpaid dues numbering $3.4 million from 1984 (!).

Good for them, but interesting things I gleaned from them...

When do you decide that enough is enough on late fee's?  I mean, come on.  $3.4 million in late fee's?  Jesus fucking christ man, how do you let it get to that point?  

Also, you let people check out 50 books at a time?  50?  5-0?  Of course your not getting all your books back.  If you let anyone have 50 of anything, your not getting it back.  Common sense usually likes to prevail there.

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