Friday, January 23, 2009

Shit to do for the weekend of 1/23-1/24 (nothing to do on fucking Sunday)

Fuck it's been a long couple days. Slick won't be in today. Trust me, there's a decent excuse. And to think this week started out so promising. Here's your shit to do. Excuse me while I go get shitty drunk.

Sexy Friday 1/23

One of my favorite acts is coming to Modesto tonight as Jason Webley hits up Hero's with the Phenomanauts, Before 20, and the Blast Bandits at 8pm. I've seen Jason a couple of times, the last time being at the Blackwater a few years back. His shows are interesting and always fun. I don't want to ruin too much for you but just know that last time I ended up having to hug the photographer the Record sent (this was before 209Vibe when the Record actually kind of covered local entertainment) while the entire room stopped and said "Welcome!" as he came in. Yeah, Jason Webley's a fuckin' blast. Now lay your head on the belly of the person next to you... $10

Saturday 1/24

Del Scorpion and the Stingers play the Blackwater at 8 on Saturday. Apparently they're some old school 60s band so that should be fun, as Blackwater shows usually are. $10

Or if you're broke you could always head down to the Beach Hut Deli at 8 to catch the 209 All Stars. Somehow FunkyTim's involved. I guess he's an All Star. Feel free to say what's up to the newest citizens of Alphabet City while you're there. Free

Sunday 1/25

No football, no shows. What the fuck is this? Utah? Sunday's still the weekend right? I'm sure as shit aren't going to suggest you go to fucking church.

I'd say go see a movie or something but considering every one of our movie theaters carries Paul Blart: Mall Cop and not a single one carries multiple Acadamy Award nominee The Wrestler, Regal theaters can go fuck themselves.

Yeah, I'm in a great mood today. Who knew a short work week could be this fun. Even Sexy Friday was kind of disappointing. Although that bacon bikini (yeah, it was a bacony day at KSK today) was kinda cool.

See you guys next week.

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