Monday, January 12, 2009

Quick Links for Jan. 12th

Fuck, Monday already? Let's power through these Quick Links and see what happened this weekend (you know, besides the massive redesign).

Prepare for overkill!

Generally I just skim through Mike Klocke's Sunday columns. They never really have a set theme. One week he'll announce a major website change like myRecord (which we hear officially launched today), and then the next he's doing a bulletpointed week in review. This week he brings us a warning from the future! That's right, Mike Klocke decided he needed some preemptive damage control because the Record's going all out next week (well, as all out as a 3-section paper can) to celebrate commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Cleveland Elementary School shooting.

Now, don't get us wrong, the shooting deserves to be commemorated. But when you're defending the coverage before it even starts, that's usually not a good sign. And look, one of the stories is going to be "We'll let readers inside Cleveland School for a 'day in the life' look at how the school is prospering." Oh wow! The inner workings of an elementary school 20 years after a shooting that barely half the town remembers? How do they go on? Every day there must be some grizzly reminder about past events!

Luckily for you, the Reclaiming the Title reader, we have an exclusive fake preview of that article. Here's day 1:
"8 am: Class starts
8:15: Pledge of Allegiance
8:30: Silent Sustained Reading! Shit!
9:30: Arts and crafts, eat paste
0:00: Recess
0:05: Throw up paste after taking a gut shot (bad wording choice?) during dodgeball, go see nurse
10:15: Stare at nurse's cleavage while she leans over to take your temperature, get first boner
10:17: Get called a gay by classmates for having boner
10:20: Recess over
10:30: Math
Noon: Lunch, Salisbury steak again? Fuck!"

Exciting ain't it? Of course that was a (partial) day in the life of a student. The Record's going so in depth that we're getting a day in the life of the actual school! Which we also have a preview of:

"Midnight-11:59: Exist
11:59: Softly cry self to sleep."

Needless to say we're looking forward to Sunday.

Maybe we can at least take Oakland the distance

According to that half an article (since, you know, doesn't have this article on it's website. Even when you Google search for the lede you get this. We would have done a broader search but you try typing "criminal homicides Stockton" into google and see what you get), homicides in Stockton dropped for the 3rd straight year. So shit, looks like our violent crime rate title hopes are further away than we thought. Granted, all of this really depends on how Oakland's doing. Wait, what? They're rioting? Well fuck me. There's always next year I guess.

Ann Johnston and the City Council are for smart spending downtown...right after Kathy Miller gets rid of this Paragary's stock

Remember that whole election thing? Ann Johnston and a few other candidates made Paragary's a lightening rod of sorts. It was a symbol of the city council's monetary mismanagement in regards to downtown. Remember those $10 burger ads? Those were Ann Johnston's. Fitzy even lamented the fact that people, in his opinion, were essentially campaigning against downtown (We predictably disagreed). So it makes total sense that she appointed the wife of a part-owner of Paragary's Vice Mayor. Who knows, maybe she was just going by the Record's graphic and thought she was appointing Leslie Martin.

Well, that's a bit disconcerting

As former high school journalists ourselves, we have to express surprise that this wasn't already law. But we have to express even more surprise that Lodi High's advisor Jerry Pike didn't know it wasn't already a law considering it's his job to teach journalism, which includes journalism law. And he's been there for NINE years. Oh, and the side story of Tokay High not owning the image it uses for it's mascot is fucking hilarious. Leave it to Lodi.

That should be it from us for today. Yes, we saw this. Give us a day or two and we'll get back to it. Feel free to send us your thoughts about what comes to mind when you think Stockton. I guarandamntee it isn't theater, symphony, or opera. We're not entirely sure which Stockton Don Blount is living in, but it apparently isn't this one.

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