Monday, March 23, 2009

I would never see the confusion in this

You know, confusing Rosendo Perez, the reckless driver, with Rosendo Perez, the burglar, attempted murderer, kid beater, and run of the mill domestic violencer.  You know, Lodi PD has so much on its plate and all.  

They are busy.

Its hard to get people to take you seriously and all when you don't even bother to fact check something you pay for.  So I can understand why this guy wants to go through the courts when you turn a guy with a mostly clean record into a disaster case that beats kids.  I would be mad too.  Lodi PD does not do that much.  Lodi is a sleepy town.  Yea, its got its occasional meth labs and if you go on the wrong side of the tracks, the laughable Mexican gangs.  But on the whole its a sleepy town.  Sleepy enough to hand out jay-walking tickets.  SO with time and money, taking time to do their crime-stopper ad right would seem like status quo. 

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