Friday, March 6, 2009

So hey, did anything happen while we were gone?

Sorry about yesterday, busy playing catch up. Which is fun to do when you're in the middle of an apparent 2-day hangover. Note to self: Never drink Absinthe again. At least not multiple shots. Ok, at least keep track of how many shots. And don't eat a McGangbang afterwards. Anyway, shit went down yesterday! Well, the day before yesterday but still, shit!

Some crazy guy went all crazy and tried to shank a judge. This being the most exciting thing to happen in Stockton since Queen Emily, the Record had an unapologetic newsgasm. And we really can't blame them. Shit-else has been going on and they're the closest news organization to the courthouse, so everyone's really kind of dependant on them for reporting.

They did a pretty good job, if not a little overkillish. I don't think we really needed the Fitzy column where he tells us people with nothing to lose have nothing to lose. And some of those online videos seemed unnecessary (Do we really need Keith Reid's retelling of the events? Isn't he a writer? Isn't that what the newspaper is for?), but hey, it's not every day a Lodi police officer has to do dangerous work. That guy's probably gonna be on an adrenaline high for weeks.

We are fairly surprised that this isn't a Recordnet special report yet. Or at least a contest as to who can most closely duplicate Paridiso's shiv using paper mache and duct tape. We do look forward to commemorating another 20th anniversary of a crazy guy doing something crazy in 2029 though.

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