Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Because we know you care, here's what we've been up to

We got a half hour or so til the Convention Hall opens up, so why not post a small update.

If one theme's been prevalent during this entire convention it's the economy. Bars are getting hit pretty hard but so is Vegas and the Convention. Parties have been scaled back. Free booze eliminated. It's depressing. Luckily we're at a bartender convention so there still is some free booze. Just not as much.

Local connection alert! There was a billboard on a truck advertising a Vegas show about menopause featuring none other than 2-year Stockton resident Queen Emily. That's right, everybody's all excited for a glorified Vegas performer. I love Stockton.

We hit up the Palms for the kickoff party featuring a performance by Sugar Ray. Chumbawumba was presumably unavailable. About 1 and a half songs in we remembered Sugar Ray's big hit was from Space Jam and took off for the Playboy Club. We said $5 would go to the first person to spot a Maloof, $10 if you could name them (we're high rollers, I know). We were joking, but sure enough El Duke spotted Joe Maloof sitting at a couch. Of course he took off as soon as our dumbasses said "Hey, isn't that Joe Maloof?" within ear shot.

Like I said, we're at the convention hall. It's interesting watching hundreds of hungover bartenders wait with baited breath for a chance to mooch sample some free liquor. Wee-Man of Jackass fame just walked out so I said "What's up" and gave him some a fist pound.

If I'm sober enough to type I'll do more updates later. So no more updates.

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