Monday, March 2, 2009

Day off

I know we've been taking days off more and more lately. But this time we have a legitimate excuse. Those who follow the KSK Fantasy/Sex Advice Mailbag know that we had a Vegas trip planned and well, we're here. We're all at the Sports Book at the Luxor as I type this. Trying to find out who the home team is for the Heat/Cavs game. Bris is cold today but the big jew also bet $100 on a 50-50 shot on roulettle three times in our first 5 hours here.

We're all up money-wise to varying degrees (We know you care). We tagged along with a local bar for the bartender's convention so really, we're considering this a business trip. We'll update you with any local bar news if we come by it. But I'm being dragged back to the Bellagio so maybe see you tomorrow.

Oh and thanks Fitzy.

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