Monday, March 16, 2009

Quick Links for March 16th

Note to self: always save periodically. I fucking hate this computer sometimes. Here's Quick Links take 2.

I wonder if they paid by check

Sad news out of Stockton today, Jim Rachels is no longer the primary owner of the Stockton Thunder. He announced the sale of controlling interest of the team to a group based out of Livermore. Unlike with the pending sales of the Thunder and Lightening, there is a chance that the Cougars could move. And very much like those same teams, noone cares. How little to people care? The Cougars won the title of whatever league they're in now and the story didn't even hit the Record's website until, if I'm reading the timestamp correctly, about 20 mins ago.

Rachels earned a place in our hearts as our favorite local team owner after alienating his target fan base a few years back. So we're kind of sad to see him go. Maybe he can come back with an NBADL team and talk about how he wants to make sure the Arena starts serving watermelon and grape drink.

St. Patrick is rolling in his grave

This year's downtown St. Patrick's Day festival fucking blew. It was realllllly disappointing, and not just because we missed an opportunity to drink Christian Burkin under the table. For one, beers in the fenced off outdoor portion of the festivities were fucking $5. That was after you paid $5 just for the privilege to drink in their little fenced off area with a band nearby. And on top of that you still had to pay for the corned beef sandwich. In other words, they took a relatively inexpensive event and turned it into a blatant cash grab. So instead of allowing everybody to watch our wallets get raped in full view of the public in Janet Leigh Plaza, we hoofed it to Bradley's which had no cover, cheaper beer, and a similarly priced corned beef sandwich. So yeah, El Duke apologizes for suggesting Beach Hut over Bradley's. Bradley's was the obvious way to go. Way to fuck up a decent event Downtown Alliance.

All dog's balls go to heaven

I really have nothing to add to this, I just really wanted to use this headline.

Well, it's official. The Harry Potter trend is dead

Sure, the final book was released a while ago, but if there's ever a sign of a trend-apocalypse it's when old white people think something's cool. This is doubly true when it involves politicians. Unless of course that politician is Barry Obama. Then it adds another 5 years of relevancy. So just remember, when the government thinks something is cool, it's usually a sign that that thing is about to die a slow, painful death...oh fuck.

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