Friday, March 13, 2009

Shit to do for the weekend of 3/13-3/15

Welcome to a semi-extended St. Patrick's Day version of the shit to do post. Sorry there wasn't one last week, I was still recovering from that devastating punch I took from a midget. To make it up to you, I won't phone it in this week like I'd been doing the past couple weeks.

Sexy Friday the 13th

Didn't we just have one of these scary Sexy Fridays? Fucking February. Well, as the bad ass flyer above says, Mr. Plow (that's their name. Their name again, is Mr. Plow), The Atom Age, and 9:00 News are playing the Blackwater tonight at 8. That flyer's pretty dark for a bunch of dudes from Canadia. I didn't know America's hat had a darkside, you know, besides Quebec. $7

Also Tracy's Megan Slankard plays an apparently free show at the Janet Leigh Plaza downtown tonight at 7 as part of the Downtown Alliance's Evenings on the Plaza series. I've heard she's pretty good. Of course, slap a guitar on any hot chick and everybody's perception of "pretty good" gets distorted a bit. Free?

Saturday 3/14 (AKA Pi Day)

For non-math nerds this weekend means one thing, st. Patrick's Day pre-gaming. A lot of bars hedge their bets and celebrate our greatest holiday the Saturday before if the 17th happens to land on a weekday as it does this year. Of course people who dismiss St. Patty's day for something as trivial as work are pussies, but it also means extended drink specials so I'm not going to look a gifthorse in the mouth. For those who may be disappointed that they can't afford to down as many green beers and Irish car bombs as they would like in today's economy, I'd like to direct you towards our feature story on recession drinking for some helpful tips. Our guide to Thanksgiving Eve drinking also mostly applies here minus the high school reunion part. Unless, of course, you're drinking in Lodi. Which is like drinking in one, long, neverending high school reunion.

As far as where to drink, downtown's a good bet. Bradley's is doing their yearly party thing this weekend which means lots of green beer and disgustingly good Irish cuisine. Buy your beer at Beach Hut Deli though, I'm pretty sure it was cheaper their last year.

Keeping with the Irish motif, Finnegan's and their ridiculously awesome drink specials might be the best deal in town. $1 green beer, $4 pints of Guiness, fucking $3 Irish Car Bombs, amd $3 Black and Tans. Read that again. The artist formerly known as Flynn's is really stepping their game up. Plus, if I'm reading their MySpace correctly, those drink specials apply on both Saturday and Tuesday. Show up early to avoid a cover though.

And it wouldn't be a drinking holiday without the suggestion that you check out downtown Lodi. Stooges usually has the cheapest drinks regardless of the time of year and is in a nice central location in relation to Ollie's, Lodi Beer Co., Stogies, and Gary's Lounge making downtown Lodi the ideal place for bar hopping.

But if you must stay sober, you can check out the Blackwater at 8 and see Reggie Ginn, Gardening Not Archecture, John Vecchiarelli, and Chelsea Wolfe. $5

Sunday 3/15

Pop two asprin, downbottle of Pepto, turn on TV, fill out bracket accordingly.

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