Friday, March 27, 2009

The Seven Days of Jolly Drinking

In a down economy, there is always one industry that does well:  Booze.  Lets face it, people always want to get their drunk on and look for some strange.  But when times are tough, people really want to get their drunk and fuck on.  So I've come up with a new project, one that fits my distinguished tastes:  The Seven Days Of Jolly Drinking!

Here is the concept.  Starting this Monday, I'm going to go to a different bar or bars in the area (Stockton/Lodi) and get my drunk on for seven straight days.  I cant go to the same bar twice.  And since I'm working on a budget, I'm capping my spending at $25 per place.  I really want to see where $25 will take you and which bars.  Like I know $25 will get me 5 tall boys at one bar and two buckets at another.  So I have to plan ahead. 

A couple of problems I see coming up.  First, Wednesday will be my first test of bars to go or not go to.  Stooges in Lodi for Dollar Beers, Touche Euro Lounge for Beer Pong, or Fats for Karaoke.  And since those are three of my favorites, one or more is going off the board.  Thursday has this new downtown concept of college night, which is also going to take a couple of bars off the board.   

Second, this is going to force me into places I wouldn't normally go.  Like certain Lincoln Center bars.  But this should be fun nonetheless.  Im planning on being an unabashed mess by the time all is said and done.  

My criteria for a good night are as follows:  How far does my money go?  How is the strange?  How are the bartenders?  How are the regulars?  Can I talk sports with anyone there, or am I at a too fancy foo-foo bar?

Im sure I'll find other things to throw in my re-caps.  But Im really looking forward to this absolute drunk-fest that is about to fall upon the area.  

Any suggestions you have of places and specials put them in the comments or e-mail us.

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