Thursday, September 18, 2008

Breaking News! Al Davis might not have all his marbles

I don't know if we've said much about this yet, but we find the Record's Sports pages to be totally useless. Mostly because unless it's about our minor league trifecta or a local school, the story's going to be written by the AP. Which was fine 10 years ago before the internet was thrust into our everyday lives.

Now that there's an entire generation that can't possibly fathom what life was like pre-internet (which makes me feel fucking ancient by the way), sports news can be digested almost immediatly after it happens. Which means that almost every AP story the Record prints is a story I read about 12 hours ago. Or if I haven't read it, it's because it's mind-blowingly insulting to even the most casual of sports fan. You bet your ass I have an example.

The featured front page story is a preview of the upcoming Raiders/Bills game. (I would link to it, but that would mean would actually have to post every story in the paper. Which makes too much sense to actually happen) And by preview I mean it focuses solely on the ongoing Al Davis/Lane Kiffin saga. The article goes on to tell us that Al Davis is controlling and possibly insane. I know, I had to sit down after hearing that too. You think you know a guy...

Point being, Oakland is 45 mins away depending on Tracy traffic and driving speed, you're telling me the Record can't send one fucking reporter out there once a week to put together a decent football preview? I'm not even a Raiders fan, but original reporting about any professional team would make my day. Considering this town is pretty much bursting at the seams with fans of the silver and black, one would think sending a reporter out there would generate more sports page views than say, having them write a front page story about why nobody went to the horse races. (Answer to the horse race question: We can't afford our homes, let alone play the ponies. What the fuck did they think was going to happen?)

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