Friday, September 12, 2008

Shit to do for the weekend of Sept. 12th

Festival season continues...

All weekend:
The Grape Festival has always been one of my favorite festivals. Any festival built around the production of alcohol (even if it is wine) is OK in my book. Plus they always have one passable classic rock act every year. This year it's Foghat, or at least the drummer of Foghat plus a bunch of other dudes. Plus, they have pig races. I'm going just for that. The festival runs through Sunday. $8

Friday 9/12
209Vibe's putting on and event called The Art of Hip-Hop this afternoon at 5 by the downtown move theater. I've always enjoyed the artistic aspect of hip hop and it's good to see that get some attention considering the negativity usually associated with the art form. Free

Saturday 9/13
Hooliefest hits the Sonora Fairgrounds Saturday. I know it's kind of out of the way, but we can only asusme a Celtic fair is going to involve a lot of drinking and cubby chicks with the tits hanging out. Which means Bris Isaak will more than likely be there. $25

Sunday 9/14
Origami Ghost, St. Pierre, and Little Gaza will be at the Blackwater Sunday at 7. I'd say something about these bands but I've never heard of any of them. So go see them and tell me about it. $5

Thursday 9/18
I'm insanly glad that the H2O Poetry Jam is back. Back in my Delta days I used to follow it from venue to venue and it's always entertaining. The city never really supported it (probbaly because they didn't think of it themselves) so it had kind of a nomadic quality to it. Luckily it's now found a home in Tracy at the Grand Theatre on Central Ave. Tell Radio we said what's up. $5

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