Friday, September 26, 2008

Shit to do for the weekend of 9/26

Sexy Friday Sept. 26th

The Outlaw Dance Society, The Icarus Jones Collective, and the Second String Quintet will be playing at the Dean DeCarli Waterfront Square at 6 for something called The Final Final Friday. I have a feeling Sexy Friday will return next week, but that doesn't give us any reason not to drink like it is the final Friday. Briss Isaak got a head start after USC's loss yesterday. Free

Saturday Sept. 27th

The Subtle Way, We're Not Friends Anymore, La Circa, This is the Hospital, and Katsumoto are playing at the Empire at 7 for the 209Vibe all ages anniversary party. It's good to see somebody celebrate shit right. Why does a celebration have to be a certain day? I personally celebrate my birthweek, not just the day. Yes, I'm that awesome. Don't be put off by the "all ages" part of this show, the Matinee's right next door. So feel free to float back and forth. $12

Novacain's playing the Blackwater this night too. I'd have more info about it but everyone's favorite perrenial Presidential candidate didn't put anything up on the 209Vibe site. According to the Stockton Rocks! MySpace it's at 8 with Jikokusei Shoukougun and a vacant spot (this could be you!).

Elizabeth's party! omg this shuld roxx0rs!

Sunday Sept. 28th

Again, nothing's going on Sunday. Did I get magically transported to Utah or something? Oh well, that's why we have football I guess. The Raiders take on the Chargers this weekend so Marmalard should throw about 35 touchdowns. Were you aware Marmalard leads the league in TDs and is the highest rated passer in the league? You betta ask somebody.

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