Friday, September 26, 2008

Quick Links for 9/26

The city's budget deficit has increased by a couple million while the city works on prioritized budget cuts. Will your city funded service be deemed important enough? Probably not. See ya later Mobile Library.

We don't want to seem cruel or anything but if you accept a ride from complete strangers on 9th street, you probably deserve to be robbed. There's optimism about the kindness of your fellow man, and then there's just plain retarded. This is the latter. Who walks around Airport and 9th late at night without some sort of protection on them?

We're almost positive there has to be more to this story. How baked do you have to be to not know that if you deny the cops access to your home they're just going to come back with a warrant? How quickly can they even get warrants? Unless the cops had the warrant faxed to their car while they waited out front those stoners should have had plenty of time to dispose of the admirable amount of hippie lettuce there had. And one of them was a doctor!? He has to be the only pot smoking doctor in California who doesn't have a prescription. You don't have a single doctor friend who can hook you up with a green card in return for some free surgery? (Not that it would've mattered with the amount of ganj found, but still.)

Did we hear Clem Lee right at the Wednesday forum? Ann Johnston endorsed the abomination that is Wannabe Morada? We haven't taken a side in the mayoral race yet, but this might have just sealed it. When builders go back on their promises you revoke their ability to build, not just learn a lesson at the expense of sprawl.

Speaking of sprawl, A.G Spanos Cos Senior Vice President David Nelson finally fesses up with the real reason for their lawsuit in Fitzy's column today. From the Record:
"...the settlement agreement requires infill development downtown at expense of other areas of the city," Nelson said, "that's impacting my ability to move forward with development on non-downtown property."

Umm, what? You're developing non-downtown property right now? Actually, scratch that, you're developing property here period? 1,400 more homes in north Stockton. Are you fucking kidding me? Isn't there some other town you guys can put your shitty cookie cutter houses in? I hear Lodi's got a shitload of open land. Try Galt, nobody gives a shit about Galt. I'll make a deal with you guy. You go away until forecasters can actually see the end of the mortgage crisis, and we'll work on reselling the surplus of foreclosed homes that we have. In other words, come back when we fucking need more homes. I'm pretty sure we're good for a while. Greedy assholes.

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