Friday, September 5, 2008

Shit to do for the weekend of 8/5-8/7

Don't you hate those weeks where you just can't wait for the weekend until you realize on Friday that it's going to be hotter than Satan's ballsack and you don't own a pool? Yeah, it's one of those weeks. It's also a remarkably dead weekend, for concerts anyways. But hey, festival season is in full swing. I hear they have shows too. Let's see what shit there is to do this weekend.

Friday 8/5

The annual Greek Food Festival returns this weekend. This has always been one of my favorite events in Stockton and it's awesomeness is grossly underrated. Greek's know how to fucking party, even at an event held at a church. There's usually music there but if I remember correctly it's mostly traditional Greek music, so bring plates to smash. Plus the food is insane good. Watch your ass though. $2 Fri-Sun at St. Basil's Church on Pacific.

Saturday 8/6

Despite a serious lack of adequate sponsers, the Tracy Dry Bean Festival comes back for the 22nd time this weekend. This event's going to feature more traditional festival acts including a bunch of of local acts as they've expanded the number of stages from 2 to 4. From a quick glance at the lineup I would say Saturday is better music day. Mostly because the only name I recognize on the list of acts is Megan Slankard. Plus Slackenloader is a funny band name, which is how I decide what acts I want to see 56% of the time. There's also a chili cookoff and a rib cookoff, which are two of the three the magic words that might actually get me off my ass and show up to this event. That third word? Free!

Sunday 8/7

Ends !n Tragedy, Dyed Red Twice, and Los Ilegales Muertos are playing the Blackwater at 7pm on Sunday, thus fulfilling our commitment to including a Blackwater show in at least every Shit To Do post. Plus as far as I can tell it's the only non-festival event going on on Sunday. $10

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