Monday, September 29, 2008

Your weekly Monday morning slow news day rant

So, a couple of times we've thrown out the idea that original sports analysis/reporting would go a long way in increasing the overall quality of the Record. Sports are popular from what we hear. We've also touched on the Record's overreliance on AP stories. Lastly, we've noticed the Record likes to shoot it's wad on Sundays and leave Monday's to be a wasteland of boring news, uncomfortable hungover morning cuddling, and somehow even more AP stories.

It was this perfect storm of lazy, cost cutting shittiness that brought us today's Sports section. We've stated a couple of times that we usually completly skip the sports pages. Today is a good example of why. Not a single story was written by a Record writer. Not one.

The only thing keeping it from being confused with the Sports section from Modesto, Sacramento, or any other SJ valley city is the picture from a Stockton soccer tournament on C6. No story accompanies the picture. It just tells you to read the box score.

You're telling me Bob Highfill can't even shit out a column about that 76-yard field goal attempt? He writes exactly one column a week while other papers have guys signed specifically to write sports columns. You know, original analysis. If the sports writers don't have any of the minor league teams in season right now, no college football team to cover, one day a week of high school football, and no sparsely attended horse races; then what the hell are they covering?

Go cover football. Or better yet, Kings media day. Or the end of baseball season. We have SIX localish professional sports teams and how many beat writers does the Record have dedicated to them? That's right, goose egg. The Warriors are actually handing out press passes to bloggers because cheapskate newspapers aren't sending beat writers. You gotta spend money to make money. Loosen up those purse strings and give us something decent to read asshats.

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