Monday, September 22, 2008

Quick Links for this painfully slow Monday 9/22

Oh hey, another slow news day Monday. Imagine that. Here's some quick links while we feverishly search for content.

Oh shit! Drought! While we're slightly fearful of somehow recreating the water conservation episode of King of the Hill, telling us about a drought the day after summer's over seems kind of alarmist. Especially when, you know, the winter drought hasn't actually happened yet. We could have sworn ESPN had the market cornered on future history.

You know an easy way to tell it's a slow news day? When the follow up article is printed the same day as the original.


It's not a real Stockton party until some gets shot at and shanked. (Gonna fly now....)

While we consider ourselves expert headline writers, we couldn't have done any better ourselves with this one.

Anybody else think this might end with a Killer Whale on the moon?

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