Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just what we need, an extented election season

Please allow me this quick detour into state politics, we'll get back to your regularly scheduled "The Record did what!?" later. (Note: We linked to the AP instead of the Record because even though the linked story appeared on the front page and above the fold, it's nowhere to be found on the "#1" recordnet.com. But like I said, that's for later.)

If you've been paying attention to the news then you know that California's in the middle of yet another budget impasse. That's right, these fuckers can't figure out the budget. Again. Why the fuck do we keep electing these jackasses?

Because of the record-long delay in the state budget, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger imposed a pay cut for thousands of state employees until the budget crisis is over. Yeah, I know, kind of a dick move. But the state controller isn't complying so it's not actually happening yet. (Plus, isn't that threatened when this happens every fucking summer?)

The president of the California Correction Peace Officers Association Mike Jimenez is pissed. Why? They've been working without a union contract for 2 years. Also, under Arnie's unenforced executive order they wouldn't be able to work overtime unless they were (gasp!) asked to by their supervisors. I know, I'm shocked they're not just allowed to work overtime whenever they feel like too. What has the world come to? Oh wait...

If the state controller isn't complying with Gov. Schwarzenegger's order, then his order doesn't fucking matter. Plus, even if it was enforced, it goes away after they finally hammer out that budget that they're just going to butcher up later in the year anyways. So really, it behooves everybody to help out so they can bang it out and only have a couple weeks of supervisor approved overtime.

Instead Jimenez goes to the old standby the Recall election. Because nothing helps move a budget crisis along like dumping a $2 million special election on top of the deficit. (If you really want to fix the budget, might I suggest Barbara Perry's idea? Hint: scroll down to the last letter. Thanks again Recordnet.)

I had to cover the last recall election and to be honest, one was enough. Granted, I don't think Schwarzenegger's done the best job either, but he got legitimatly reelected in an actual factual election. I don't see any energy crisis (OK, there's no electrical energy crisis. Remember the weak ass rolling blackouts?), so what the fuck did he do so bad to warrant us having to vote on him again?

What's that? He won't give the prison guards a fucking sweetheart raise under dubious donation circumstances like his predecessor? Well fuck me ruuning, what an awful guy. What we need is someone who will sign whatever law he feels like since he's obviously on the way out of office. We need a guy who will sign an energy contract for what at the time seems like a ridiculous amount only for it to be a bargin in retrospect.

If you wanted a Governor like Gray Davis, you shouldn't have gotten the asshole recalled in the first place. We've had enough elections in the past 4 years (including Arnie's own special election). Can't we just take a political break? I really fucking need one.

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Slick Diaz said...

I don't know what's worse, the fact that the Record didn't have this on their website, or that the story in the Record allegedly written by the same Don Thompson of the AP is longer than the linked story.