Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quick Links for 9/10

I get the feeling that this isn't the last time we've seen the "Detla abandons (fill in blank here) plans" headline.

We've all taken a crack at reading this article, and we're still not sure what the hippies accomplished. The city council has to consider imposing green building standards on new homes and commercial buildings, reduce greenhouse gasses stemming from the General Plan, and build 4,400 homes downtown? (3,000 of which would be approved in 12 years!?) Ignoring the fact that none of us know a single person who would want to live downtown, where the fuck are they going to find room for 4,400 homes? Don't get me wrong, we're huge supporters of the green belt between Stockton and Lodi, but I'd be pretty scared if I were a historical landmark right about now.

The Ports are headed to a deciding game 5 against the San Jose Giants for California League Northern Division dominance. In future news, the Ports blew the game in the 9th inning again and their was no joy in Mudville. (You didn't know we were psychics?)

Still want Arnold to be more Gray Davis? Remember, Davis is responsible for this.

The Record (again, the actual paper in the byline) informs us that out of 600 cars that passed through a DUI checkpoint Monday, only 2 were legally drunk. Way to earn that raise guys, really.

William Maxwell's hilarious letter to the editor (very first letter) reads like a laundry list of topics we need to get to sometime, like Lodi.

Man, Duke's on a roll. Hey Record, can you say scooped!? I read both pieces and speaking objectively, his was way better. But we're allowed to swear, which is kind of cheating.

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