Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quick Links for 9/24

Words can't express how disappointed we are that the audit of Delta's spending of bond dollars isn't going to be public until the end of the month. Can't we sue to vote on this too?

How many mob-style shootings can one town have in a week? It looks like we might find out. And that "It's pretty bad when gunshots don't even bother you" quote might overtake Nick Diaz's "Real fighters are from Stockton" as the quote that most accurately depicts this city.

Not sure what we can really add to this except that we're not all surprised it happened in Sonora.

Oh and free candy for donating food and other shit to a Lodi food shelter. Because it's not like the hungry kids the food bank collects for would want candy or anything. We hear they hate the stuff.

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