Friday, September 5, 2008

I need to post this now before my head explodes with smug satisfaction

Earlier today I was going to do a post about the colossal fuck up that is the rodeo coming to Stockton. God it was glorious. For those who aren't up to speed, the city got duped by a fucking cowboy into putting up $75,000 of public money that we totally didn't need to bring the rodeo to Stockton. The promoter Bryan Bjork didn't put the prize money in escrow to guarantee it's existence. He also lied to us about the involvement of big time rodeo organizations. (Well, big time for rodeo.) For a day, the Record tried to talk us into the minor league rodeo show that we would have to deal with. Well, we'd have to put the irony of the Arena not being able to get yet another professional sport to come to Stockton aside. (Minor League RODEO!?)

The rodeo's not coming.

(Note: Have to link to 209Vibe's Twitter because they actually had the story. The Record just tells you read about it in the paper. No really, the byline says it's by the actual newspaper.)

(Update: posted the full story today. Which is more than likely a hilarious example of them not knowing that the Internet can be used as a tool to counteract that whole "yesterday's news today" knock print journalism always gets. due dilligence.)

Ignoring the fact that sucks my ballsack, this hilarious revelation of the rodeo's "rescheduling" is another classic example of our city government's ineptness. Which may have come up here a time or two.

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