Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bob Highfill vs. Slick Diaz, who provides better Raider analysis?

Yesterday in the Quick Links we took a couple of shots at the Raiders because, let's face it, that entire situation is hilarious. Even if you're a Raider fan you have to step back and objectivly watch the Al Davis press conference and just laugh at the absurdity of it all.

Bob Highfill also decided to poke fun at the Raiders in his shittastic weekly bullets column (a style of column writing that's ok every once in a while, but loathesome when done over and over again. Unless it's the quick links of course.). But we couldn't help but notice that his Raider swipe seemed eerily familiar...

From Highfill's column:

"OK, I lied about not taking a shot at the Raiders: The Sacramento Bee reported last week that Raiders coach Tom Cable had his players practice their touchddown celebrations to visualize success. What a waste of time, considering they were shut out by the Falcons on Sunday and have scored only nine TDs at the midway point."

And, for comparison's sake, the words of a young man named Slick Diaz:

"...Jamarcus Russell laid yet another proverbial turd on Sunday. Thus proving once again that you should never, ever draft a QB with the number 1 over all pick. The Niners learned that lesson, and now the Raiders are. You know it's a bad idea when a year and a half into your NFL career teammates are openly pining for the team to sign a convicted felon to replace you. Also, instead of spending time practicing endzone celebrations, maybe they should have worked on how to maintain positive yardage throughout the half. Or how to get first downs."

Now, let's face it, the TD celebration thing was an easy target. But we still find it hilarious that a guy in his 40s who's the editor of an entire sports section for an actual newspaper, somehow managed to hone in on the same thing as a college dropout in his mid-twenties who runs a blog.

Not only that, that handsome devil of a blogger actually provided more original analysis in what was intended to be a throwaway paragraph, than a guy who allegedly writes sports columns for a living! Look, we live in a Raider town. We don't like it, we're Niner fans, but even we can provide more analysis on a team we can't stand, than a guy who's job it is to write his opinions about sports. The world isn't fair.

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