Friday, November 7, 2008

Quick Links for Nov. 7th

If you see Joe Goldeen walking around with a extra skip in his step today, now you know why. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Goldeen and those maverick renegades over on March and 1-5, gas is now below $2 for the first time in over 3 years (not counting that one place that did it for like 2 hours) at a gas station in east Stockton on Waterloo. Sure it's only 20 cents cheaper than most Stockton gas stations, but by God it's a deal. And all it took was the economy going to shit to the point where more people started taking public transit thus buying less gas and sending the price of oil plummeting. Oh, and that "hard-hitting" series the Record did. Totally helped.

First they find a bomb lying around in Lodi, now they find one in Oak Park. The message is clear, some forgetful terrorist is forgetting his bombs after sparking up a doobie on park benches all over the county! And he's migrating south into Stockton! At least the county bomb squad attempted to get some idnetifying information before taking care of the bomb.

The city council finally got around to approving those budget cuts. And we don't even have to lose a fire truck. Although city hall will now rival my bank for shittest operating hours for the rest of the year.

Well, there goes our top entry for the "Top 5 weekly columns the Record should start". If there's one think we think while sitting down to read the Sunday Record it's "This is nice and all, but how else can they cater to people over the age of 65?" And for the record the other 4 items in that hypothetical top 5 are sports related. I know, surprising.

We wish we could link to it, but we see you taunting us with your headlines 3MR. I don't care if that dog bit Pres. Bush himself in the balls and had to be surgically removed, no more political news. Just give us one day for fuck's sake.

It's funny how quickly views can change when the majority of the city voices their opinion. It only took 6 days! Of course Fitzy was primed to flipflop as soon as he realized less money for downtown means the city could pump it into his true love, trees. Fitzy's love affair with trees started when our fair city was mentioned in his favorite publication, Sunset Magazine. They called us the best tree city in the western US and he never looked back. The lesson? He has incredibly malleable opinions.

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