Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quick Links for Nov. 19th

After a few squeezibly soft slow news days, we're finally settling into some decent post-election news. Thank fucking God.

Ok, there is one bit of election-related news. Do you live in north Stockton? Do you want to be held responsible for driving the city further into debt? Will you ignore the pleas of anybody younger than 35 that doesn't have kids? Then the Stockton City Council has a job for you! Unfortunately your competition will be distinguished candidates like Arnold Chin. How is he qualified? He runs a photo stuido! Which is just like running a city. Don't you remember how nice he was to you when you had your senior yearbook photo taken? And don't you remember how he offered to take your other senior pictures only to have your parents laugh in his face when he revealed the prices? Man, I think district 1's going to be all right without my application.

Ok, so actual news time. You know how Spanos is building 1,500 homes in north Stockton? The Grupe Co. sees your 1,500 and raises you another 5,500. That's right, they want to build 7,000 more houses on a Delta island and as the 3MR so succinctly put it, the city council pretty much said "Sure, go for it." But don't worry, construction won't start until the housing market rebounds. Judging by the amount of for sale signs I see just on my way to work, that'll be a while.

Speaking of stuff that'll take a while, 2 months ago I said this in the Quick Links:
"Words can't express how disappointed we are that the audit of Delta's spending of bond dollars isn't going to be public until the end of the month. Can't we sue to vote on this too?"

First, am I the only one who misses referrendum jokes? Second, that audit was completed over a month ago. Why the hell are we just hearing about it now? Either way, the Record threw up a teaser for tomorrow's paper and it looks fucking glorious. It also echos a lot of the criticism we levied against Delta's gross mismanagement of our bond dollars. We'll have a lot more on this tomorrow when the actual article comes out.

We're not sure why we find this guide to deep frying a turkey funny, but we do. Maybe it's the fact that Ian Hill somehow found a way to sneak in a 209Vibe shirt for some free advertising, maybe it's the fact that his apron has Dom DeLuise on the front of it, maybe it's because he's a welder's mask away from looking like a steel worker, but it's definitely because the Record urges you to go to their website to watch video of him deep frying a turkey. Oh the excitement! Who missed holiday themed puff pieces? I know I did. Can't wait for next week's video of Lori Gilbert eating an entire Honeybaked ham without chewing.

Oh and remember the time El Duke said people underestimated the size advantage of Brock Lesnar. Randy Couture underestimated it too. The Record wishes they had our sports analysis.

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