Thursday, November 6, 2008

Quick Links for Nov. 6th

Apologies for the poltical takeover over here the past couple days. But hey, our 2 days of coverage is better than the 2 years of national coverage we've had to endure. And it's finally over. Finally we can turn on our TVs and not be subjected to roughly 800 ads on Prop 8 or that annoying Kathy Miller commercial. Let's see what quick links we can bang out this morning. Fuck, still a lot of political shit. When will it end!?

The front page of the Record today asks if Obama winning SJ county means that the county as a whole is moving towards the left. While it's an interesting arguement, we'd have to say the answer is a resounding "fuck no". If our county's support for Prop 8 showed us anything, it's the fact is that this will always be a Republican county. Voting for Obama doesn't mean we magically turned into a bunch of pot smoking, vegetarian, gun controlling douchebags. It just means John McCain ran an absolute dog shit campaign. But hey, at least they got ahold of the Hope diamond.

The new Delta Board of Trustees is considering possibly ditching the Mountain House campus. We've never been real big fans of building in Mountain House, but moving this late in the game would waste even more bond money than they've already wasted. Yes, that's somehow possible. But our personal favorite part is the following:

"Critics of Mountain House say it's too far from most of Delta's students, and too close to Las Positas Community College on the west side of the Altamont Pass."

Why is that our favorite? Those critics sound eerily like us from a couple of months ago. We still believe the Mountain House campus is way too close to Las Positas, but changing it's location now would be like the Oklahoma City Thunder deciding the whole move from Seattle wasn't worth the negative vibes and heading back to the Pacific Northwest. While having the Sonics back would be awesome, the damage has already been done. Same goes for Mountain House. While picking a better site sounds like a great idea, the damage has already been done. Moving now would only cause more damage.

What's up with the Saurout in the Record today? LENS columnist Tony "Dino" Sauro wrote not one, not two, but three articles for the paper today, including the entire front page of the LENS section (the aforementioned Saurout). Sauro did more original articles (three) than the entire Sports section had (One. Well, two if you count the Local Roundup) If he keeps working at this pace at his age he's going to have a heart attack. Although I guess that's why Highfill puts forth the effort that he does with the Sports section. Judging by his picture, his heart's got enough stress on it as it is.

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