Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quick Links for Nov. 25th

Sorry for the slacking yesterday. As we've said before, Mondays can be kind of a bitch for us. Although BaconBabe's drinking excuse works too. Thanks to her for her late night fill-in by the way. Low let's get some Quick Links out of the way.

We were going to give this shit it's own post, but the anger and indignation just seemed forced. Of course Stockton let Spanos out of his deal in favor of even more affordable housing downtown. Because the reason noone lives there is because there isn't any affordable housing. Just don't tell the city about the Stockton craigslist which has houses downtown with lower rents then my half of rent for my apt. But according to the commenters on that story (casual racism alert!), putting high-density housing would just bring a criminal element to thr Trinity Parkway area. Which totally isn't already there.

Plus, the complete lack of logic on the city's part is just staggering. "Ok, you can build, but not just houses, apartments too." "You want to build a Wal-Mart? Ok." "We don't want anymore Wal-Marts!" "Oh, you have no more room because of that lot you sold to the Wal-Mart we won't allow? Ok, don't worry about the apartments"

Decisons completely void of any logic? Sounds like one al of my ex-girlfriends.

Can we please, for the love of God, slow down on these chairty/food bank stories already? This is the fucking 4th one in a week. I'm not one to talk shit on crutches (expecially in the Quick Links), but my God people, we get it! There's poor people and it's the holidays. Guess what, in this economy pretty much everyone is poor. I don't think I can sit through another month of "Tiny Tim needs your help". Fuck Tiny Tim. I'm not donating juyst because the media shoves this shit down our throats every year. In fact, I'm going to cook an entire turkey, eat half a drumstick, then throw it all away after letting it soak in bleach for a day to make it completlely inedible. Just as my own special middle finger to holiday media.

For the record, this wasn't any of us...this time.

So let me get this straight, a guy was sideswiped, decides to persue the guy who hit him, then gets rammed from behind by a second car and decides the best course of action is to stop? The best course of action is to realize you're on the wrong side of town and drive away as fast as possible. Stopping to discuss matters with two people who clearly care less about their cars than you can really only result in...well, a stabing. What the fuck did he think was going to happen? They were all going to exchange insurance information? I'm going to take a guess and say the guy was from out of town.

I asked El Duke about this and he was overwhelmingly unsurprised. "You've been to Delta. Tell me what you think ASBG does besides passing out pizza and booking some shitty band every other Thursday. They go on expensive ass trips, call it a conference and do it all on Delta's dime. I knew that when I was at the Impact (now the Collegian) and I'm not at all surprised nothing changed corruptionwise."

Now that I think about it, Delta's ASBG really did't do much for us when I went there. That might have changed in the few years since I've been there, but I kind of doubt it. With all this bullshit piling up, I think it's finally time. For what? Delta President Raul Rodriguez should be fired. Delta's been one giant fiasco since he took the position. Fucking fire him already.

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