Friday, November 21, 2008

Shit to do for the weekend of Nov. 21st

Sexy Friday Nov. 21st

Portugal the Man, Earl Greyhound, Wintersleep, and Alitak are playing at the Blackwater tonight at 8. Portugal the Man is a band out of Wasilla, Alaska so one has to assume they're getting tired of being asked if they can see Russia from their house. Plus Alitak got their name from a town in Alaska, so it's technically a themed show. Bonus points go to anybody who shouts "What you know, eskimo?" inbetween songs. $15(!?)

Saturday Nov. 22nd

Brassai, Planet Perhaps, and Ocean Evaporate play at the Matinee at 7 on Saturday. Last time I saw Brassai was at the Matinee and I think they were the band that had a bunch of clips from Schwarzenegger movies on the movie screen. It was hilarious. Although I wasn't anything resembling sober that night...or right now. $3

Letter K and the Alphabet Asylum and Fresh Kid Q play the Beach Hut Deli at 9pm. I neglect hip hop in these posts all the time so I figured I'd throw this in here. Plus jack and shit is going on this weekend, unless of course you're into lame screamo shows. Free (the hip hop show, not weak ass screamo)

Sunday Nov. 23rd

This weekend's slate of games is underwhelming at best. The Raiders take on the Broncos in a claddic AFC West battle between a team with no offense and a team with no defense. Somehow Jamarcus Russell will throw an interception to himself. This also might be the game Darren McFadden's foot finally falls off.

Speaking of things falling off, Tony Romo's dreaded pinkie will probably fall off when the Cowboys play the Niners this weekend. And Wade Phillips will probably waddle over, mistake it for a chicken fry, and eat it. But not until Charles Haley tries to jack off on it (or jack off the actual pinkie).

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